About Hallelujah Kitchen

Dinner is hard. Whether you’re a new spouse struggling in the kitchen, a new mom, a working parent, a stay at home parent, or single parent, dinner…is…hard.

I’m Lane Blackwelder, owner of The Hallelujah Kitchen, and I know, because I’ve been all of those people! No matter the season of life, a clueless newlywed, a stressed mom working long hours out of the home, an exhausted mom at home with small children, or a single mom forging a new and unexpected path, I always had the same dinnertime dream. At the end of the day, what I wanted more than anything, was a good dinner, at home, with the people I loved the most. I love to cook, so that’s easy, right? Nope! Life always happened, and I could not consistently pull off the planning and time it took to make my dinnertime dream come true!

I know I’m not alone here. Why? Back in 2016, I was given ten dollars from my church. The mission was to multiply the ten dollars over the course of a few weeks and then donate the money back into the community. On my way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store and bought enough ingredients to make two simple dinners. I posted the two dinners on Facebook and sold them both the next day. On and on it went for the next three weeks. Almost every time I brought a meal to someone they’d say something like, “This is so great! I need something like this in my life!” At the end of the fundraiser ten dollars had multiplied into several hundreds of dollars which blessed a single mom at Christmastime. When the fundraiser ended, I had a decision to make. Does dinner-making for the masses end here, or do I keep it going? After all, so many people “need something like this in their life!” So, with shaky fingers and a nervous belly, The Hallelujah Kitchen was born!

The Hallelujah Kitchen exists to make your life easier.

The Hallelujah Kitchen exists to make your life easier. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that dinner is taken care of today, tomorrow, and the day after that. Its purpose is to give people, in any season of life, an alternative to expensive dinners out, fast food, and lost time in the kitchen. It was created so Sunday afternoons can be spent anywhere but the grocery store. The Hallelujah Kitchen is your kitchen. It’s full of good people, who at the end of the day, what they want more than anything, is a good dinner, at home, with the people they love the most.