“I cannot say enough good things about The Hallelujah Kitchen. I have ordered several meals, and all have been amazing. The roast is my favorite and loved by everyone I’ve served it to. A true time saver when I have too much going on and not enough time to prepare meals. Lane and The Hallelujah Kitchen are quite simply a blessing!” Robin Haynes

“Lane truly has a God given desire to make the best dinners for people through her Hallelujah Kitchen. Everything I have ordered has been delicious and plentiful! Those times when you don’t want to cook or do not have the time to cook, Lane is the best resource. Her meals are like you would made them and you can trust each meal is made with the best ingredients and lots of love!!” Terrye Johnson

We love the Hallelujah Kitchen! sweet pepper roast is a family favorite. My kids normally don’t care for beef so we were shocked when they came back for seconds! This is a new family staple. Thank you! The Biggs Family

The Hallelujah Kitchen has saved my family a number of times! With a traveling husband and two little ones having a hot meal on the table is not always a reality- now it is and what a blessing! Katie Smyth

I love Hallelujah Kitchen! Food is always delicious and makes my life easier! She literally has it written step by step on what to do, but don’t worry you either bake it or throw it in the Crock-Pot! Easy peasy! I love that I don’t have to think about what we’re eating because Lane has already figured it out for us! Highly recommend! Brittny Schack

I must admit when I first heard of The Hallelujah Kitchen, I was a bit skeptical … Would they be meals my family would eat? Would they be good? Well with the very first bite of the first meal, all concerns were put to rest. The meals are fabulous! And oh how my husband looks forward to them … he does most of the cooking in our house (oh, who am I kidding, he does it all!). He enjoyed being stocked with ready-made meals. And meals that were not only YUMMY but homemade. We are ready for more good cookin’! Eva VanAken

The Hallelujah Kitchen has been a grand hallelujah for the Lee Crew! Great quality food & great pricing for a family of 4! I have purchased some of Lane’s favorites that included the chicken & beef and more! You will not be disappointed in the customer service & the yummy food! The prepped meals are an amazing value in price & yumminess! This just makes sense for my busy family! Laura Lee